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The Friends of East Hill Parks is a group of Greater Vernon residents dedicated to the establishment of a new regional destination park in the East Hill subdivision in Vernon, BC Canada.

This website was created to keep North Okanagan residents informed on what's happening on the property at Pottery Road and 15th St., and to encourage participation in the effort to create a park that will benefit the community today and into the future.

If you are a resident of East Hill, you can appreciate the limited park options you have. While the area has 7 official parks, with Lakeview Park being the largest and most multi-use, the other 6 are residual pieces of land that have been developed into mini or "tot" parks.

Fair enough. However, even by the city's own parks planning document, East Hill is severely under-parked, when you consider the established standard for park area per resident population.

But all is not lost. In fact, we are quite excited and cautiously optimistic. The Friends of East Hill Parks has identified a large undeveloped property at Pottery Road and 15th St. which is wholly suitable for development into a park, potentially twice as large as Lakeview Park, in terms of size and multi-use functionality.

19th Ave Tot Lot - 0.11 ha/0.27 acres

Know the Facts

From our discussions with Greater Vernon and East Hill residents, we've found there to be a lot of confusion and uncertainty as to what the plans are for parks in the area. At the present time, there are no plans for additional parks in East Hill. We believe this is short-sighted, and a disservice to residents of East Hill. Our effort is to encourage City Council to formally adopt the creation of a new East Hill park in the field at Pottery Road and 15th St.

Lakeview Park - 2.04 ha/5.04 acres

As we continually add content to this website, hopefully you will feel better informed on this incredibly important issue. You may even want to get involved in the movement to create what could be an amazing new park that East Hill residents will love and cherish for many generations to come!

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In the News

Friends of East Hill Parks spokesperson Randy Schellenberg is interviewed by Castanet media.